The STORY BEHIND Flanery Art

Many of Flanery's quotes have inspired me to move forward in my Rachel Maytum Designs business, including this one...

Chase your want...because nobody else will chase it for you.

We all need to chase what we truly desire in life. Don't expect others to do it for you. Mine is to be an visual artist and website designer. Both these areas I'm progressing and growing within each and every day. 

I started creating Fan Art for Sean Patrick Flanery and the fans via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in 2016. I came to know Sean through our social media interaction. Loved how he interacted with us. 

I first asked Sean in March 2018 if I could create Sean Patrick Flanery Art to sell to fans which he kindly agreed to. I then asked about creating quote designs, that included his name, the name of his book "Jane Two" and quotes from his Twitter and Shine Until Tomorrow blog website to sell to fans... he happily agreed. He felt honored that I wanted to use quotes of his. On the left are some of my designs.