Flanery Art Designs

Created By Rachel Maytum

Turning Photos Into Art 

I create a variety of designs using Adobe Photoshop and Sean Patrick Flanery photos. I work with a variety of Photoshop Layers, brushes and textures to create something unique. Sean Patrick Flanery has kindly given me permission to use his Instagram and Twitter photos to create Flanery Art Designs.

Grunge Design

An awesome 'Grunge' design featuring lines, textures and splashes.

Grunge 2 Design

Dramatic 'Grunge 2' design featuring two images combined and textures.

Watercolor Design

A gorgeous 'Watercolor' design that features different kinds of textures and splashes.

Flames Design

A fiery 'flames' design featuring smoke and fire. 

 Vintage Design

A gorgeous 'Vintage' design featuring background details, and cloudy textures.

Storm Design

A cool 'Storm' design featuring lightening, clouds and stars.

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